Complete 4-Step

Includes Cleanser + Essence + Serum + Moisturizer.

Radiant skin awaits. Commit to a subscription set, save 10% and enjoy free shipping. This simple AM/PM hydration system includes our Japan Designed, Clean Formulated cleanser, essence, serum, and moisturizer.


Dullness, dryness, lack of radiance

Proven Results

Fresh, clean, comfortable-feeling skin. Doubles skin hydration. Hydrates for 24 hours. Improves skin luminosity.

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ideal for

AGE: ANY SKIN TYPE: Oily, Normal, Dry, Combination


Hydration Oasis Creamy Foaming Cleanser
An elevated everyday cleanser. The rich, creamy texture removes makeup, dirt and impurities, to reveal a hydrated, vibrant complexion. A refreshing, clean formula designed not strip the skin or leave it feeling dry.

Developed with our skincare experts in Japan, the cleanser contains fatty-acids and foams into a cushiony lather for a soft, effective cleansing experience.

The results: clean, comfortable-feeling skin ready for the rest of your skincare steps.

Hydration Oasis Priming Water Essence
A necessary prep step in any skincare routine. Essence perfectly primes skin to receive maximum benefits of the products that come next in your routine.

Working with our skincare experts in Japan, we developed this silky essence that delivers a burst of moisture, leaving skin feeling extra hydrated. The fast-absorbing, lightweight formula contains deep-absorption Mini Hyaluronic Acid and delivers essential hydration that quenches skin for a smooth, dewy finish.

The results: increased hydration with improvements in plumpness, radiance, and smoothness.

Click here to learn more about the difference between Essence vs Toner.

Hydration Oasis Moisture Replenishing Serum
A lightweight concentrate that soaks into skin, delivering a powerful dose of deep hydration coupled with skin-boosting nourishment that works with skin’s own renewal process.

Developed with our skincare experts in Japan, this deep-absorbing, milky serum provides next-level nourishment to skin. Clean hydration and skin boosting ingredients from the Hydration Oasis collection work with the addition of Plant Squalene for optimal radiance.

The results: lasting hydration with improvements in radiance and luminosity.

Hydration Oasis Refreshing Gel Moisturizer
The best-selling Oasis you love, goes beyond with an enhanced, clean formula and better-than-ever features. Like the many fans it has amassed for over 30 years, this cult-favorite gets better with age.

Working with our skincare experts in Japan, this "blue gel" moisturizer delivers maximum hydration and helps boost skin's daily renewal process. The formula features clean ingredients, designed to quench skin for a non-sticky finish.

The results: increased hydration with improvements in luminosity, plumpness, texture, and overall skin complexion health.


The cleanser is the first step in your AM/PM ritual. Foam a dime-sized amount into palm with water, apply to damp skin using gentle, circular motions, rinse off and pat dry. Recommended: Follow with essence.

Step 2 in your AM/PM ritual. Splash a quarter-sized amount into palm and press evenly onto face and neck. Follow with serum.

After cleansing and essence, AM+PM. Distribute 1-2 pumps evenly into palms of hands. Gently press onto face and neck. Follow with gel or cream moisturizer.

The moisturizer is the last after cleansing, essence and serum. Distribute a dime-sized amount evenly into palms of hands. Gently press onto face and neck.

For best results, use all products as part of the 4-Step Hydration Oasis System.

key ingredients


Our proprietary Skin Boost Technology helps boost skin's own renewal process by protecting the skin barrier and promoting skin recovery.


Hydro-Amino Infusion a proprietary water technology with Ceramide Lipids, Trehalose, Chamomile Extract, and five Amino Acids designed for optimum skin hydration and health.

Mini Hyaluronic Acid deeply hydrates with its extremely low molecular weight.

clinical results
96% agreed skin felt comfortable after using Creamy Foaming Cleanser*
98% of subjects using Moisture Replenishing Serum showed an immediate increase in skin hydration by over 2x☨
98% of subjects using Refreshing Gel Moisturizer showed improvement in overall appearance & complexion health**

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